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You may need more than a carry-on bag if you travel for a few weeks. But don’t worry. Skip the tedious baggage check-in process and send your luggage ahead of you to your destination. If you ask me, “Where can I ship my luggage?” I will give you a rundown of some companies offering luggage shipment services.

A significant stress-causing factor is managing your checked luggage. Aside from TSA-related concerns (what TSA will see from the scanner), hauling your suitcases during TSA security inspection and airline check-in can be challenging. Imagine having to lift heavy bags to and from the X-ray scanner. That can be an arduous task, even for a brief moment. You can remove this from the traveling equation, that would be awesome!

Why Ship Your Luggage?

I can think of a million reasons, but the foremost is convenience. Without a checked suitcase, you have no reason to wait at the baggage carousel to pick up your bag. As soon as you pass the immigration and security checks, you can head straight to the exit door. You roll your carry-on bag, take a cab, and head to your hotel, where your luggage awaits you.

Where can I ship my luggage so I can breeze my way through and out of the airport easily? With checked baggage, you’re never sure what images TSA may find as it passes through the airport scanner. Or if you will find your luggage at the baggage carousel upon arrival at your destination. And when these things happen, you’ll never want to fly with your luggage in tow again.

So where can I ship my luggage, and what is the process? I have listed some luggage shipping service providers below so you can check them out.

Luggage Shipping Service Providers

“Where can I ship my luggage?” might be the question for travelers who have yet to try using a luggage shipping service provider. The good news is several companies offer luggage shipping services to and from different destinations. Some of them are:

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Let’s start with traditional courier companies like UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Any of the three courier companies can get your bags to your destination.

Where can I ship my luggage using DHL, FedEx, or UPS?

You can drop your luggage off at one of their shipping centers. Another way is to schedule a one-time pick-up several days before your flight schedule. You will get a tracking number for your luggage to know the status of your luggage’s journey.

Destination and luggage weight determine shipping fees. DHL, FedEx, and UPS will require information on the suitcase’s weight, origin, and destination so they can calculate the shipping fees. If you agree, you can schedule a luggage pick-up date. Prices are different for Express and Standard shipping services.

Luggage Forward

If you want to know where can I ship my luggage, check Luggage Forward. It is a Boston-based company that sends luggage domestically and to over 200 countries worldwide. However, Luggage Forward specializes in shipping luggage to cruise ships.

Fees include:
• Door-to-door pick-up and delivery.
• 24-hour phone support.
• Lost and damaged items insurance.
• Shipping labels.

Luggage Forward also offers an on-time delivery guarantee. You can get a full refund and up to $500 in additional expense reimbursement if you arrive ahead of your luggage.


Where can I ship my luggage if I am in the UK and will travel to other parts of Europe? Look for SendMyBag – a shipping service company based in the UK that is a popular choice for shipping luggage within Europe. According to travelers who use this shipping company, the shipping fees are cheaper than the airline rates.

SendMyBag provides travelers with all the data and forms they need for the bags to make it through customs clearance. If you do this on your own, it may be challenging. First, print your shipping labels and then schedule a pick-up date. That’s how easy it is to ship your luggage. The average luggage delivery is four business days.

Luggage Free

Luggage Free is a high-end, New York City-based luggage shipping provider with services in 150 countries. Where can I ship my luggage if I want the best shipping service? First, check out how Luggage Free. They will do everything, from pick-up and drop-off, custom forms to shipping labels. Luggage Free will sort it all out for you.

Premium fees include an on-time delivery guarantee and a free insurance policy on every shipment up to $500 for loss or damage. And if you arrive ahead of your luggage, they will return your shipping fee.


When in Florida, where can I ship my luggage to another state? Check out ShipGo – a Florida-based shipping company that will arrange luggage delivery to your desired destination. They offer an on-time delivery guarantee, free insurance, and real-time luggage tracking.

Benefits Of Luggage Shipping

Aside from convenience, there are other benefits when shipping your luggage ahead of your arrival to your destination.

Luggage Size and Weight Restrictions

A carry-on bag will suffice if you travel alone for only a few days. But where can I ship my luggage if traveling with the entire family?

If you ship your family’s suitcases using a luggage shipping service provider, you do yourself a huge favor. When you ship you need not restrict what you can bring for the trip. As long as the weight is within the specified limit, you will not pay one dollar more.

Shipping Costs With Extras

Some luggage shipping companies offer shipping fees lower than the airline rates for excess baggage. Where can I ship my luggage that offers this great deal?

A shipping luggage company usually offers shipping fees, including an on-time delivery guarantee and insurance for lost or damaged suitcases. And if the shipping company fails to deliver on the agreed time you get your money back. Or if for some reason they lose or damage your suitcase, they cover you for a maximum amount of $500 on every shipment.

Real-Time Monitoring

When you ship your luggage to your destination, you know exactly where your luggage is at a specific time. You can’t have this access if you check in your luggage. When you don’t see your suitcases on the baggage carousel, that’s the only time you know that your luggage ended up somewhere else.

Where can I ship my luggage that will let me monitor and track my luggage? Using a luggage shipping company to transport your luggage will give you access to real-time luggage monitoring.

Drawback: What You Packed Is What You Get

The only drawback of sending your luggage ahead of your flight schedule is that you can’t do last-minute changes to what you packed. If you forgot to put an item that cannot be in the carry-on bag, you have no other option but to leave it behind. You need to carefully plan what you will pack inside the suitcase before scheduling a luggage pick-up.

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FAQ About Where Can I Ship My Luggage

We have put together a few frequently asked questions about where can I ship my luggage.

Is there a cheap way to ship my luggage?

Instead of using a suitcase to pack your belongings for a month-long overseas trip, you can ship your luggage in a box. Some shipping companies charge extra handling fees and insurance depending on the type of luggage you are sending to your destination.

What is the best way to ship luggage internationally?

International shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, or DHL can send your luggage anywhere in the world where they operate. There are also luggage shipping companies that can transport your luggage to select destinations.

Can you send a suitcase by courier?

Yes. You can ship your luggage through a luggage shipping service provider or international forwarding/courier. Many companies will transport your luggage to your destination. If you use a luggage shipping company, you can expect to see your suitcase when you arrive at your hotel.

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Where can I ship my luggage so I don’t have to wait at the baggage carousel or worry about getting through the TSA security check?

Shipping your luggage to arrive at your destination way earlier than your arrival is the most convenient way to travel. First, you go to the airport with a TSA-compliant carry-on. Then, place it on the X-ray belt for scanning at the TSA security checkpoint. And finally, go to the boarding gate if you have completed a web check-in. It’s that simple.

Happy travels, my friends.

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