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Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP – Fly Incognito

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When you have a medical issue, traveling can be quite a challenge. You have to make sure you take all of your meds and equipment along just to have a good vacation. And if you have a CPAP machine it is vital to your health. There are different ways to carry your CPAP machine but the best carry on luggage for CPAP is a pretty exciting way to fly incognito.

Flying incognito simply means everything is organized and not on full display for everyone to see. However, some air travel restrictions exist for medical equipment like your CPAP machine. Apart from TSA and airline restrictions, you must also protect and keep your machine safe while traveling.

TSA Guidelines

What does TSA say about bringing a CPAP machine? TSA states, “must be removed from its carrying case and undergo X-ray screening. You can keep the accessories like hoses, tubing, and facemasks in the CPAP case. However, you may provide a clear plastic bag to place the device through the X-ray.

If you have the best carry on luggage for CPAP, having them all in one bag is more convenient. You can pack the unit in a carry-on bag with the rest of your essentials. This way, you only have to carry one bag with your CPAP machine. In addition, no one would notice you taking a CPAP machine with you, therefore, making it incognito.

Quick Overview Of The Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.7Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP grey1CURMIO Travel Backpack
Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP Machine
More Details
4.5Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP2Medium 2-Wheeled Expandable Brief
Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP
(Perfect For Men)
More Details
4.6Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP3Steve Madden Designer 15 Inch Small Weekender
Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP
(Perfect For Ladies)
More Details

How Can The Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP Benefit You?

With the best carry on luggage for CPAP machines, you have fewer bags to carry. Moreover, you can keep your hands free to manage your luggage.

In addition, the best carry on luggage for CPAP machines with all the critical features will make traveling much more manageable. Most medical devices are delicate, and strategically packing them is necessary. Not to mention you don’t want your machine exposed to germs.

With the right bag, it is easier to manage your machine and keep it in a clear plastic bag for high visibility during scanning. In addition, the TSA officer will not have to touch the device or accessories, preventing the risk of contamination.

When you have the best carry on luggage for CPAP, you have room for your other packed items. And separate compartments are a must for the organization of your things. CPAP is a delicate medical device, so the other stuff in the bag mustn’t mess with it.

The best carry on luggage for CPAP will have more padding than the case your company provided. You can protect your CPAP machine with adequate padding. In addition, with extra space in the compartment, you may even shield the unit with a rolled or folded shirt all around the device to protect it from accidental bumps.

The best benefit of all is to have your CPAP machine at your fingertips during your flight. Imagine having a long flight, and you need to sleep during the flight. With the best carry on luggage for CPAP, your machine is easily accessible for you to use.

Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews of the best carry on luggage for CPAP.

Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP1
CURMIO Travel Backpack
Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP Machine

The CURMIO Travel Backpack may look like a conventional backpack with more space. However, it is perfect for carrying a CPAP machine and accessories such as a mask, tubing, hose, etc.

Designed to fit a CPAP machine, the CURMIO Travel Backpack features a lower compartment with a double zipper opening for the CPAP machine. It is compatible with Phillips System One, AirSense9, and AirSense10.

A front zipper exterior pocket is convenient for medicines or small items. Multiple interior pockets with elastic tops offer great organization for small CPAP accessories. These pockets are great for your power supply, headgear strap, mask, etc. In addition, the mesh pocket with “hook and look” is ideal for carrying your tubing.

The CURMIO Travel Backpack features a padded front compartment to secure the laptop or tablet. Two mesh pockets are conveniently placed on the sides for water bottles, tissues, or umbrellas.

Carrying the CPAP machine is convenient with the backpack’s cushioned strong shoulder straps. An adjustable chest strap/belt helps keep your bag in place.


  • It has an upper compartment for tubing, mask, headgear strap, power supply, etc.
  • The lower bag compartment with the back entry opening is convenient for your CPAP unit
  • Compatible with Phillips System One, Air Sense 9, and Air Sense 10 CPAP units
  • Multiple interior pockets with elastic top for securing small accessories
  • Front, padded compartment for laptop or tablet
  • Side stretch mesh pockets for water bottles, tissues, or umbrellas
  • Back anti-theft (AFID) pocket for valuables like a bank card or phone
  • Solid handle and padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable, removable chest strap to keep the backpack in place
  • Made of durable and high-grade nylon material
  • Large U-shaped opening with a two-way zipper for quick access
  • Spacious interior to fit items like a blanket, shirt, etc.
  • All-around backpack padding for protection of CPAP unit and accessories
  • TSA-approved carry-on bag size: 13 x 7.7 x 15.5 inches


  • Interior pockets for the CPAP machine’s accessories are not transparent for high visibility.
Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP2
Medium 2-Wheeled Expandable Brief
Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP
(Perfect For Men)

The 2-wheeled @work medium expandable briefcase from Briggs and Riley looks like a conventional men’s briefcase.

It has enough space to accommodate most 15.6-inch laptops. In addition, multiple pockets and sleeves can accommodate extra stuff for an extended stay. This compact carry-on briefcase is wear, dust, dirt, and abrasion-resistant. It has a durable 1600D ballistic nylon exterior fabric.

With a three-section design, this briefcase is versatile with an organizer, a main compartment that can fit the CPAP unit, and a laptop compartment.

A durable and soft fabric lining protects the items inside the briefcase. It has an RFID-blocking pocket to protect personal data from digital pickpockets. It can also keep your wallet, passport, etc. The elastic slip pockets with leather tabs are ideal for organizing small items.

The spacious main compartment features a cushioned file separator to keep the CPAP unit from the rest of the stuff. Three elastic bloused pockets in the main bag compartment are ideal for CPAP accessories – mask, headgear strap, line tubing, etc.

The bag’s hook-and-loop side panels in the main luggage compartment allow you to pack it like a traditional men’s briefcase or lay it flat like a regular suitcase.


  • Made from 1600D ballistic nylon outer fabric
  • Styled like a conventional men’s briefcase with tons of storage
  • Complimentary monogramming for personalization
  • Expansion by 2.5 inches for extra packing capacity
  • Outsider handle system for more excellent interior packing space
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum handle system with three-stop height adjustments
  • Solid V-groove handle tubes to guarantee less jamming
  • Dual rear roller wheels to carry the CPAP machine comfortably
  • Interlocking handle system for secure stacking and safe transporting
  • Interior RFID blocking pocket with two concealed credit card slip pockets to protect personal data from digital thieves
  • Three-section design – organizer, main compartment, and laptop compartment
  • Solid interior soft fabric lining
  • Cushioned tablet slip pocket within the laptop compartment to fit most tablets and e-readers
  • Two stretch slip pockets with leather tabs for organizing small items like power supply cables, chargers, and USB drives
  • Multiple interior pockets for storing the CPAP machine’s accessories
  • Padded laptop compartment to protect 15.6-inch laptop
  • Generously-sized main compartment to fit the CPAP machine unit
  • Removable hook-and-loop side panels allow for packing like a traditional briefcase or lay it flat like a suitcase
  • Self-repairing YKK RC zippers
  • TSA-approved carry-on bag size: 12.5 x 15.5 x 7.5 inches


  • Including a product information brochure on what the pockets are for would be helpful.

Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP3
Steve Madden Designer 15 Inch Small Weekender
Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP
(Perfect For Ladies)

The 2-wheeled carry-on suitcase from Steve Madden is ideal for carrying your CPAP machine unit and accessories comfortably. With an ergonomic handle, maneuvering the bag is easy and convenient. In addition, it fits under the seat in front of you when traveling by air, offering quick access to the machine.

The Steve Madden carry-on bag is water-resistant and lightweight, thanks to the durable and long-lasting polyester exterior material used. It also comes in prints and colors that are preferable for female users. In addition, transparent organizers and multiple pockets provide easy organization of CPAP accessories and other items like a 15-inch laptop or tablet.

Easy gliding and frictionless wheels offer smooth maneuverability and mobility, and the telescopic button handle system is point-locking. In addition, the inclined wheels allow you to pull the two-wheeled carry-on suitcase conveniently.


  • Two rear frictionless roller wheels for easy mobility
  • Spacious main compartment with a fold-down zippered entry for CPAP machine unit
  • Single telescopic handle with a push-button release for one-hand use
  • Wide-opening zippered pockets for better organization of items such as laptops and tablets
  • Front-zippered clear partition to separate CPAP accessories such as mask, headgear strap, tube lining, etc.
  • A stylish, unique style designed for female users
  • Lightweight construction
  • Made from ultra-durable water resistant polyester fabric
  • Telescopic button handle system
  • Top and side grab handles for alternative carrying modes
  • Transparent organizers and multiple interior compartments
  • Versatile and multi-use
  • TSA-approved dimension: 15 x 14 x 9 inches


  • The two wheels roll in only one direction.

What To Look For When Buying the Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP

Because of the sensitivity of the CPAP machine, or any medical equipment, the best way to carry one is in your carry on luggage. It is, therefore, important that the best carry on luggage for CPAP have the following features:

All Around Padding For Protection

Like your laptop, your CPAP needs protection from impact and accidental bumps. Choose the best carry on luggage for CPAP with an all-around cushion or padding to shield the machine from external forces. Aside from the sturdy luggage or backpack material, extra protection from the bag’s interior is essential.

Multiple Interior Pockets For Accessories

Having one pocket for every single CPAP accessory will keep the best carry on luggage for CPAP organized and neat. It will also be easy to access the accessories when needed. And extra separate pockets and sleeves to store other stuff, such as a laptop or tablet, will make everything handy for your travel.

Carrying Comfort

Whether it’s a backpack or a wheeled carry on luggage, carrying comfort is a critical feature. It’s best to have a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap to distribute the weight evenly. On the other hand, a wheeled carry on luggage with an ergonomically designed handle will help maneuver the luggage smoothly.

Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP1 (1)

FAQ About Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP

You may have some questions about the best carry on luggage for CPAP so we have put together 3 frequently asked questions.

Can I fly with my CPAP machine as a carry-on?

Yes, you can fly with your CPAP machine in your carry on. A CPAP machine is a medical device. However, TSA does have some regulations you must follow. You will need to remove the equipment to go through the X-ray scanner. Therefore, it’s best to put the CPAP machine in a clear plastic bag to prevent exposure to germs.

Where do you pack a CPAP when flying?

You can pack it in your carry on or checked bags. However, keeping it protected on all sides is important. Place the device in the center of the bag, surrounded and covered by your shirt, towel, or other soft items, to act as an extra cushion. Make sure that you shield the device correctly to avoid damage from impact.

How do you travel internationally with a CPAP machine?

Traveling internationally with your CPAP machine means keeping your device in your carry on luggage as the TSA recommends. Use a bag that is well-padded for protection and has pockets to organize all your belongings.

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Best Carry On Luggage For CPAP – Conclusion

If you have a medical condition that requires a CPAP machine, you will want to have it easily accessible. Pack the unit in the best carry on luggage for CPAP to avoid compromising your health. And because you are using a carry on luggage or backpack, you’re flying incognito. No one would even know that you’re carrying a CPAP machine in your well-disguised bag.

Happy Travels, my friends.

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