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Smart Luggage Bag – 2 Astounding Robotics Technology Bags

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“Smart Luggage Bag” is the newest and most innovative luggage on the market. You may have typed this into your search bar to find out more. You came to the right place because you’re not just looking for any bag; you’re looking for a bag that’s smart, just like you.

We understand the struggle – finding a luggage bag that’s not just stylish and durable but also smart. A smart bag is one that can follow you around the airport, charge your devices, and even lock itself.

As a seasoned traveler and one who loves technology, I’ve spent countless hours researching and testing various smart luggage bags. This guide is the result of that extensive work, providing you with the best options for a “Smart Luggage Bag.”

This guide is for all the tech-savvy travelers out there who value innovation, convenience, and style in their travel gear. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, you’ll find this guide useful.

I get it; the world of smart luggage can be overwhelming. But don’t worry; I’m here to help. Together, we’ll navigate this world and find the perfect smart luggage bag for you.

Smart Luggage Bag (Updated List)

smart luggage bag travelmateThe Travelmate, The Lugass
And The Assistant
All By Travelmate
More Details
smart luggage bag cowarobotCowarobot R1 Suitcase In RedMore Details

When we think about what is the future of robotics, we probably think of a human-size robot. Or how robots can take over the workforce. But did you ever dream of a robotic suitcase following you around the airport? Never again will you need to haul a piece of luggage beside you. Now there is a little robot in a case that is just dying to follow you.

What Is The History Of Robotics Smart Luggage Bag?

Two companies claim to have made the first-ever robotics luggage, Travelmate and Cowarobot. I am not sure who did make the very first suitcase, but I do have some timeline history below.

With this in mind, I believe each company did make robotics luggage that was the first for their company which is impressive in itself. The controversy may lie in patents and each company’s country.


Travelmates Robotics Inc. was started in 2016 to create a unique futuristic Robo suitcase. Travelmate announced their robot project in 2017. During their launch and engineering phase, they developed AI software for a system that moves their suitcase. In June 2018, Travelmate had a USA patent approved and a pending patent application for 154 countries. Travelmate received an Award in 2018 at the Travel Goods Show for Best Product.


Cowarobot is a privately owned and operated robotics business out of Shanghai, China which started in 2013. Their premier product was the Cowaeobot R1 which they say is the very first robotics suitcase. It appears that they launched the R1 in September 2016.

Other Companies

Other companies make robotic luggage, but I will only review the luggage from these 2 companies. So, you ask why? Well, because these are the only 2 that offer bags worthy of a review. With that said, there are other smart bags, but they are not carry on with a weight that allows you to pack enough items to take with you.

Not to mention, some other companies have attempted to make a smart luggage bag, and it either didn’t get off the ground or it fizzled out.

Why Should You Get A Smart Luggage Bag?

Robotic luggage is still on the cutting edge and is relatively new. How many follow-me pieces of luggage have you seen in the airport? Honestly, I have never seen one, and I travel a lot.

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So maybe you need a robotics smart luggage bag to be a jet setter. Out of millions or trillions of people, a small percentage are jet setters who pave the way for the future. After all, a Robo suitcase is pretty cool with all the whistles and bells and colored lights.

What about having a robotics smart luggage bag as a seeing-eye dog? There is talk that AI technology in a suitcase will help the blind and partially blind navigate around objects safely.

A robotics suitcase is excellent for people with movement disabilities such as arthritis or a broken leg. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your bag follow you while navigating on crutches or in a wheelchair?

Or maybe you want to ride your suitcase through the airport. A smart luggage bag that is a seat and a packing bag is the perfect way to move through the airport terminal while you rest.

What Should You Look For In A Smart Luggage Bag?

With the AI technology of follow-me luggage, there are a few things to look for when you purchase a robotics suitcase. Let’s look at 3 important things to note.

Charging Capability

A smart luggage bag needs charging, but how will you accomplish this? How long does the charge last, not to mention how long does the battery pack last? If you have a plane delay, will it stay charged? In addition, If you are on a long flight, will it still have a charge when you reach your destination?


How much does the bag weigh with the suitcase’s technical parts inside or on the handle? It won’t do any good if you can’t put your personal items in the case because it weighs too much empty.


Believe it or not, I found a smart luggage bag or 2 that is no longer available or never came to market. Make sure the company is reputable and will be in business to stand behind its product. In my research, I found only 2 bags that meet these standards.

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Smart Luggage Bag Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews of 2 smart luggage bags.

smart luggage bag travelmate
The Travelmate, The Lugass
And The Assistant
All By Travelmate

Travelmate has 3 different styles: the Travelmate, the Lugass, and the Assistant. The internal system can optimize the movements of the suitcase, which will roll with you at your speed. Not to mention they are TSA-approved.

A TravelMate smart luggage bag operates off of a Bluetooth system. Just turn it on, and away you go. The AI technology detects your movements and enables your smart luggage bag to follow you almost everywhere at a speed up to 6.75 MPH.

The Travelmate robotics luggage has tons of smart features, such as a built-in scale and a line of multi-colored LED lights that indicate how much charge is left in your battery. In addition, it has USB charging ports and a wireless removable power pack. Oh, did I mention it also has a Bluetooth TSA-approved lock?

It has a GPS tracker just in case you lose your smart luggage bag, and it avoids all objects, so there is no crash landing for this beauty.

In addition, when Travelmate updates the software in your smart luggage bag, you can download any new applications.

On the outside, this smart luggage bag measures 21.7 inches x 7.9 inches x 15.7 inches. It has a retractable middle wheel and an ergonomic telescoping handle.
You can give your suitcase a name, and it will respond to voice commands as well as hand gestures. If you move your arm in a circle, your suitcase will go in circles.

The interior has the hardware to power the suitcase on one side, which leaves space for packing. The opposite side has a fully lined packing area.


  • It has 4 hours of battery life and 100 hours of standby
  • The weight of this empty suitcase is not available, but it does have a built-in scale, so you can weigh it as you place items in the bag.
  • It is available in 3 styles and 3 sizes, yet some are out of stock, but you can preorder on some sites. The good thing is these suitcases are still on the market and manufactured all the time, unlike a few others.


  • Nowhere does it state how much you can pack in this fairly new technology.
  • The size is slightly larger than TSA’s recommendations of 22 inches x 9 inches x 14 inches. The TravelMate is 21.7 inches x 7.9 inches x 15.7, which is over the width; however, at 21.7 inches long, it will probably fit in the overhead bin with the wheels facing out.

smart luggage bag cowarobot
Cowarobot R1 Suitcase In Red

The R1 smart luggage bag is stunning, to say the least, and is available in 3 colors with smooth gliding wheels and an extra retracting wheel when not in Bluetooth mode.

Cowarobot has a CO-MOVE system that autonomously follows you when you connect it to a wristband that you wear. Just pull up the handle, and a line of sensors will connect to your band with the touch of your finger. Now, if you want to stop it and manually roll it, you just put your hand over the handle to disconnect. The AI continuously sends signals so the R1 can navigate objects as you move.

You can download an app from the App Store or Google Play that connects to your smart luggage bag. The app communicates with your suitcase to let you know when it is more than 6 feet away. An alarm will sound so it will never get lost.

In addition, it travels up to 5.2 MPH and will hold a charge for 12 miles.

Externally your bag has a TSA compliant lock you can lock manually or use your app to lock it. In addition, it has 2 USB ports and a TSA compliant power bank. The dimensions are 21.7 inches x 14.9 inches x 7.9 inches.

Internally the robotic parts are on the bottom of one side with packing areas above that and a full packing area on the other side. The inside has a cloth lining to protect your clothes.


  • 12 hours of charging power per power pack
  • The R1 weighs 10.1 lbs, so you can pack up to 24 pounds to meet most TSA guidelines for flight weight which is 35 lbs.
  • The R1 Cowarobot is available on every site I checked without backorder or out-of-stock notice.


  • The width dimensions are slightly larger at 14.9 inches which is 0.9 over the 14 inches allowed for most airline flights. However, at 21.7 inches long, it will probably fit in the overhead bin with the wheels facing out.

FAQs About A Smart Luggage Bag

Here are some commonly asked questions about a smart luggage bag.

What is a smart luggage bag?

A smart bag is a suitcase with modern technology, such as TSA approved locks, USB charging ports, and a GPS tracker. And in the case of robotics luggage, a system that responds to you and follows you.

Do airlines allow a carry on with a power pack?

If your power pack has a lithium-ion battery, which most do, it must be placed in your carry on luggage. So the answer is yes.

What does it mean when a power pack is TSA approved?

A power pack that is connected has the potential to overheat and is a fire hazard. Therefore according to TSA guidelines, a smart luggage bag with a lithium-ion battery must have a removable power pack.

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Smart Luggage Bag – Conclusion

So that concludes our list of 2 robotics smart luggage bags. While these modern-day technologies are amazing, they are fairly new and have updates rolling out often.

Please follow the suggestions to watch for in a robotics bag and be mindful of companies with poor customer support. While other companies may make a good bag without support, you have nothing to fall back on.

Happy travels, my friends.

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