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Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane – The Naked Baffling Truth

I will be honest with you; this is not a question I have asked. So many are asking, ” Can I bring a bong on a plane, so it warrants an honest and thorough answer. The short answer is yes, maybe, but the long answer is no. So let’s start at the beginning.

This article will cover can I bring a bong on a plane for domestic flights only. 

What Is A Bong?

In Russia, gold vessels used to smoke opium and cannabis were first uncovered in 2013. The Scythian tribal chiefs used them over 2400 years ago. So you see, a bong is not just a 20th-century apparatus.

Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane bong

Can I bring a bong on a plane needs a clearer understanding of what a bong is? So, a bong is for smoking herbal substances such as cannabis. A bong is airtight with a bowl and a stem. When a person holds their finger over a hole, draws in the air while their mouth is on the top end, then removes their finger to inhale the cannabis into their lungs.

When referring to a bong, they usually speak of smoking marijuana, although you may use it to smoke other items. 

What Does The Law Say About Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane?

The Federal Law states:

“any equipment, product or material of any kind which is primarily intended or designed for use in manufacturing, compounding, converting, concealing, producing, processing, preparing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing into the human body a controlled substance.”

What this means is the federal government classifies a bong as drug paraphernalia. Drug paraphernalia is anything used to consume illicit drugs and includes a bong. Since a bong is paraphernalia, it is illegal.

But when you first buy a bong, it usually states that the new one is a tobacco bong and, therefore, legal. The law comes into play when the bong is used for an illegal substance and becomes drug paraphilia. 

Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane If I Clean It?

Another loaded question is, can I bring a bong on a plane if I clean it? It is nearly impossible to clean a bong completely of all traces of cannabis. Some will still be left behind even if you get all the residue out. 

If your bong has had any drug in it, it is considered paraphernalia and falls under the Federal law as mentioned above. TSA can remove it and arrest you for possession of drug paraphernalia. 

If My State Has Legalized Marijuana Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane?

Sadly even if your state has legalized marijuana, the laws are not clear yet very clear; not to mention TSA rules the sky. 

TSA.gov states that any marijuana greater than 0.3% THC is prohibited as a carry on bag or checked luggage. However, this applies to states where marijuana is legal, and if you fly to a state where marijuana is an illegal drug, you may be violating that state’s law. 

Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane – What Will You Do?

Let’s put all this information together to get an answer.  

What Is TSA Security Looking For?

TSA security checks are looking for bombs and materials one can use to make explosives. They are not looking for drugs or paraphernalia. With this said, if they see something in your luggage that warrants further inspection and they find drugs or illegal paraphernalia, then you can be subject to judgment by the law. 

New Unused Bong

Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane pin

If you have purchased a new bong while on vacation and want to take it home, you may get by with it. New bongs do not have drug residue, so some airlines and states may not consider a bong drug paraphernalia. The key here is “some may not,” but how would you know which ones they are?

If you are traveling with a brand-new bong and you want to take it home, pack it in your checked luggage and protect it from breakage. Since it does not have residue, I am not sure how federal agents can arrest you, but they can confiscate it. They can also detain you until they determine the bong is new without residue. So if you are not concerned about losing your bong and you have a lot of time on your hands, give it a go. But I don’t guarantee anything, as all TSA workers may view the law differently. 

I suggest you contact your airline in advance to find out their rules and regulations to can I bring a bong on a plane.

Cleaning A Used Bong

The answer is slightly different if you plan to travel with a used bong and clean it before you fly. With the technology available today, even subtle forms of marijuana remain and can show up in your bong. And if TSA searches your luggage, they may detect drugs in your bong. The law states that a bong used for drug inhalation is considered illegal. 

It doesn’t matter how large or small a bong is because a bong is a bong. A larger one is easier to detect on security scanners, but either is still drug paraphernalia. 

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FAQs About Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane

Here are some commonly asked questions about whether can I bring a bong on a plane.

Can you bring a bong in checked luggage?

Checked luggage is the best place to put a bong, but if you choose to do this, remember it is drug paraphernalia if you have used it for an illicit drug. In this case, TSA can call in the Feds.

Can you bring drug paraphernalia on a plane?

Drug paraphernalia is illegal, according to the federal government. To bring it on a plane is taking a big chance of arrest and judgment.

Are checked bags scanned?

Checked bags are scanned in bulk once they are on the luggage carrier headed to the plane. If TSA security finds a reason to check your baggage, they will take it off the cart and open it for inspection.

Can I Bring A Bong On A Plane – Conclusion

The naked baffling truth is: there is no good answer. You can try to fly with a bong, but it is risky. According to US law and TSA regulations, you risk losing your bong to the trash or facing federal charges for possession of marijuana or paraphernalia.

I bet you can talk to others who have had a safe and successful trip traveling with their bong but are you willing to take the chance just to find out can I bring a bong on a plane? The decision must be up to you now that you have this information. I suggest leaving it at home to be safe.

Happy travels, my friends.

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